Claytess Jewellers offers a personalized service and an extensive collection of wedding rings for  both him and her . This a special purchase that you will cherish for a life time, hence there are some important considerations to make in order to find a wedding ring for her that complements her engagement ring and a wedding band for him that not only compliments his style but also blends into his day to day work and play routine.

Claytess Jewellers offers you a helping hand and the guidance to assist you in making a decision on How to Choose your wedding Ring , that you will treasure for a lifetime.

A Guide on choosing a Wedding Ring for Her !

1. Choose a preferred Metal type

The popular choices for Metal types in wedding rings include Yellow Gold and White Gold . Platinum wedding rings and Rose Gold Bands have also  gained a lot of fan following over the past years amongst the more affluent crowds. The various color options available in 18 Karat Gold, pretty much fall in a similar price range for a style that is identical in metal weight , Except for Platinum Rings that will be more dearer than wedding bands made in Gold.

Classic wedding bands in Yellow Gold are by far the highest selected Wedding Rings world wide. Platinum or PT950 wedding bands as they are commonly known, are more dearer than gold due to their rarity and demand. Wedding rings made in Platinum are also considered more durable and offer a maintenance free life span as they do not discolor to a faint yellowish tone like White gold wedding rings do after a few months of daily wear “. Claytess Jewellers boasts of an impressive lineup of  finely crafted wedding rings in Gold and latest designs in Platinum to cater to diverse audience.

2. Choose the Ring Width

When choosing the width of a Ring for women we suggest, wedding bands NOT exceeding 5 mm for a wedding ring without stones, but of course also depend on the ring size of the lady. Wedding bands that are 2 mm to 3.5 mm wide are the most preferred ring width for women with an average built , as they look more feminine and also for ease and comfort in daily wear.

3. Choosing a Band with or without Stones.

This is purely a matter of personal taste, family traditions and more importantly the “Estimated Budget”. However for women we suggest that if traditions and budgets do permit than having a little sparkle on that band is the right path to take. Diamonds simply add that extra ‘WOW’ factor to wedding bands and complement the engagement rings at the same time. From tiny ‘Micro set’ wedding bands to larger Half a Carat stones going all the way around on those pretty fingers, they are sure to impress all as they sit on your hands demanding attention and respect.

4. Set your Budget & Timing.

Claytess Jewellers offers a wide selection of handcrafted wedding rings that will satisfy any spending plan. Regardless of your budget, aim to purchase your wedding rings at least two months in advance of your ceremony. This will allow a comfortable amount of time for the delivery of your rings and any size adjustments that may be necessary. Just in case 2 months of prior notice is a lot to ask for , we also offer urgent or same day deliveries for the models we carry in our inventory.

5. Choose the design and fit

One of the most important decisions to make while choosing your Wedding Ring is ‘Design’. As the saying goes “Fashion is what is offered to you four times a year, ‘Style’ is what you choose from it “. Several wedding bands may appear on popular charts or best sellers, but it may not mean that it Will or Will Not look nice on your fingers. Every individual makes her own statement by what they choose to wear. Half rounded , Flat , Court Shaped, Mili grain or Pave Set , Prong Set , Channel Set, the list just never seems to end. Take your time to browse through our web pages to getting a better understanding of all the above. If all the above has left you a little more confused or clueless , just head on to our botique at the Gold & Diamond Park and we will sort you out.

6. Choosing a wedding band to match her Engagement ring

Some Engagement Rings are designed to fit together, side-by-side with the wedding Band, almost as if they are a Perfect Match. Many people like the symmetry of two matching rings, with diamonds of the same size and shape, or just the same type of metal, ring width or shape. Consider this very important point while making you selection. We also offer services to remodel an existing engagement ring to fit well with a new band.

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