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Automatic WatchesMany automatic watches may be built to last lifetimes, but they are still subject to a wide variety of everyday stress. Included here are the answers to some of the most common problems with mechanical watches that involve


When watches are dropped, the sudden impact can cause an axle to break. Most commonly it’s actually the balance staff (the axle of the wheel making the iconic ticking noise). This will need to be replaced and full watch maintenance is needed.

This commonly occurs with automatic watches and can mean a few different things. Automatic (self-winding) watches require physical activity to wind fully. If you are not sufficiently active, the watch will not build up enough power to run. In rare cases, the mainspring can become worn and fail, typically after a few years. This mainspring can be replaced with complete watch maintenance.


Watches can run fast for several reasons. Over time lubricants can cause the hairspring to stick. This damage could also have come from dropping the watch, knocking the hairspring out of alignment. Thirdly, it could have become magnetized by a magnetic field. At Claytess Jewellers we can diagnose and correct any watch timing issues.

Watches are finely-tuned machines. Similar to a car, lubrication is needed every few years to maintain optimum performance, which is why we recommend complete watch maintenance after every 3-5 years, at minimum.

Automatic watches need to be wound to start, either through manual winding at the crown or by wearing it long enough to wind the mainspring. Regularly worn, most automatic watches function normally and can run for roughly 36 hours after being removed. If the watch is fully wound but still running slow, this indicates the watch is overdue for maintenance. Most automatic watch manufacturers recommend movement service every four to five years, depending on the amount of wear or usage.

This happens in real manual-wind watches and means that the mainspring is broken. Automatic watches generally have a clutch do that you can feel when the watch is fully wound. The mainspring will have to be replaced along with a full watch maintenance

The Dial

The gaskets which make watches water resistant may require replacement, or the watch was exposed to moisture while the crown was unlocked. The crown, crystal, and gaskets may need replacement in conjunction with a complete maintenance. This watch should be serviced as soon as possible to dry it out and correct any damage, as it will get worse. Water resistance is not permanent and requires periodic service to maintain.

This means that the hands are 12 hours out of alignment. Simply reset the watch manually by advancing the time 12 hours.

This can be fixed by a manual resetting of the chronograph hand. Over time, the mechanical chronograph will require adjustment. Bring it in for its regular periodic watch maintenance at Claytess Jewellers.

Quartz WatchesQuartz watches may not be as delicate as their mechanical counterparts, but you should never underestimate the damage you can do to a watch. Below our experts respond to the most common issues reported with quartz watches:


When a quartz watch stops, the first step is to see if you need a battery replacement. Most watch batteries are designed for a two-year lifespan. Some quartz watches have extended life, up to three or more years (these watches usually won’t have a second hand). Watch service technicians at Claytess Jewellers can check the batteries and the condition of the contacts.

This can indicate a watch that is functioning electronically, but not mechanically. Quartz watches won’t have enough power to push through obstructions. The watch likely needs servicing. There are numerous conditions that can cause this malfunction, typically corrected by complete watch maintenance.

This is a surprisingly common problem, likely caused by some defect in the circuitry. One possible explanation is expansion with an increase in temperature. When the watch is at room temperature, it functions as it should. When the watch is worn on the wrist, the natural body heat causes the expansion and thus the circuit to break, resulting in a stopped watch. In this case, the circuit will need to be repaired or replaced. The watch issues can be diagnosed if you bring it in for maintenance.

This could likely be an issue with the mechanism that causes the date on your watch to change each day. You should bring it in for watch service.


This means the battery is dying, also known as a battery end-of-life (EOL) indicator. Electronic circuits in some watches can detect when the battery is getting low, causing the second hand to move forward erratically to alert the wearer. Installing a new battery will correct this issue.

The Battery

Using your watch’s extra functions, such as the chronograph, can considerably shorten battery life. It is important to understand how much battery power you need to enable all the numerous functions. It’s not advisable to run chronographs and stopwatches continuously.

With the EOL feature (the warning of a low battery) on many quartz watches, its not advisable to replace the battery unless it’s needed. Every time you open the case you compromise factory seals and requires water-resistance maintenance.

This depends on the age of the watch, the number of functions, and the frequency of usage. Batteries should last (at the very least) one year for analogue and digital styles of a quartz watch.

The Digital Display

This happens when a digital watch is dropped or receives a severe shock. The digital display can become contaminated or cracked, and results in a very expensive repair, meaning replacement may be the only viable option. Higher-end digital watches can be sent to the manufacturer’s service centre to be repaired.

The contacts connecting the digital display may have been damaged or corroded, keeping the dark sections from receiving enough voltage. In less expensive watches, the repair can cost less than a replacement. If these need to be repaired, they have to be sent to the manufacturer’s service centre.

Analog and digital combination watches are really two watches attached at the hip. One can malfunction while the other works fine. Watches with digital features need to be repaired by the manufacturer’s service centre rather than in the Claytess Jewellers repair shop.

The Push Buttons

Each push button has a stem attached to the bottom, moving in and out of a tube inside the watch. A tiny spring pushes the stem back out when the button is released. Over time, dirt or corrosion can reduce the effectiveness of that spring. It will likely need cleaning and replacement, along with regular watch maintenance.

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